We can supply metal flues in copper, zinc, tinned sheets and alloy of lead/tin percentages ranging from 5% to 97% tin. All the row materials are of excellent quality and purchased directly from major Italian importers.
The alloy lead/tin is produced directly in our laboratory duly equipped for the merger of the loaves. The flues are built usually in alloy with machined plates on the lathe, but we can also supply pipes made with plates thinned manually, drawn or hammered.
We produce every type of metal pipe stop from smaller than 1/16' to larger than 16'.
Usually we stick strictly to the measurements and the technical details required by the customer. However, we can also provide stops with standard measures by means of software for the calculation of proportional measurements based on different temperaments, thickness, width mouths, degrees , pressure, etc....
For what concerns the front pipes, as well as for the different types of lip (bayleaf lip,triangular bayleaf lip,french mouth, scored mouth, pressed-in lip, soldered-in lip, raised lip, flame lip etc.) we can supply pipes polished, painted, antiqued and decorated.
Every single pipe, whether it is internal or it is in front, before being delivered passes under the scrupulous eye of the owner Mr. Scotti Luca who, in addition to verifying the construction in a workmanlike manner, takes care of the tuning.

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